Reserve your Greebo today! 

The first 100 orders will include a commemorative print of the original
Josh Kirby painting.

The Josh Kirby Estate is proud to announce this breathtaking Limited Edition Greebo sculpture. Modeled after a long, lost Josh Kirby illustration, it's a true collector's piece. With only 350 available in this world, the Discworld, or any other, you do not want to miss it.

Brought to life by Dobby Lyn Art Works, this one of a kind has many special features, all of which give life to our beloved Greebo.

1. To honour Sir Terry Pratchett's description that Greebo's eye “glittered like the sins of angels” each sculpture will feature a hand blown glass eye with a custom infusion of gold leaf powder and liquid clay, and will be hand set by Lyn Marie (the sculptor), making every piece unique.
2. His "milky white eye" and claws will be individually coated and polished with a pearlescent finish that will “glow” with a bit of demonic sparkle when the lights go out. Yes, it glows in the dark!
3. His paw pad and nose shimmer between pink and purple hues.

4. Special care has been taken to emulate Josh’s brush strokes, pulling his mischievous illustration into three dimensions.

5. As a final touch, Greebo's cushion is finished in a deep, plush scarlet that reflects the rich, mottled red in Josh's original work.

To make this incomparable work of art available to as many fans as possible, we have three payment plans  for you:  One payment, four payments and eight payments.

How much is this magnificent collector's piece? £177 plus shipping!

TO RESERVE YOURS, please send an email to