After Josh Kirby passed on in 2001, the heirs of his estate had been tasked with sorting through his vast archives. Amongst the papers, receipts and correspondences with famous authors, all of which charted the history of Josh's prolific career and extraordinary life, was a hidden gem.

Marmaduke & the Time Machine

A hand typed manuscript, along with sketches and doodles, telling the story of a time traveling mouse named Marmaduke.  It was both whimsical and adorable, and now, sixteen years later, it's becoming a reality.

Amy Anderson and Rob Liano of the Josh Kirby Estate have teamed up with cartoonist Ray Friesen to complete the book and share it with the world in the best way possible, by offering everyone the opportunity join in on the creation of the project, through a Kickstarter campaign.

Within a few days it was over halfway funded so we're confident it will continue to grow into the project we've envisioned, and allow us to honour Josh's legacy and bring the completed book to fruition. But we cannot do it without you. 

Please share this link below with friend's and family and pledge at whatever level you can, everything helps. If we hit our stretch goal, EVERYONE who pledged (at any level) gets the audio book version narrated by Discworld voiceover artist, Stephen Briggs himself.

Everyone wins if we work together. Thank you in advance for your help and support. We appreciate you.

Meet Marmaduke here