The Josh Kirby Estate and MetaArcade have announced an exclusive partnership providing the developer with Kirby’s art for its Tunnels & Trolls game and upcoming self-publishing MetaArcade Adventures Platform for interactive fiction.

Featuring Kirby’s original creations, MetaArcade will debut the prototype of its digital remastering of Tunnels & Trolls at Gen Con, held Aug. 4-7 in Indianapolis, celebrating the game’s 40th consecutive year appearing at the convention.

David Reid, Founder & CEO of MetaArcade, said “Josh Kirby stands as one of the world’s premier fantasy artists, and we are thrilled to honor his legacy by showcasing his work in both our Tunnels & Trolls game and the beginning of the MetaArcade Adventures Platform content library.”

In the 1980s, Kirby created the interior art and full-color covers for a limited series of Tunnels & Trolls books, distributed at the time only in the United Kingdom. Kirby's art for Tunnels & Trolls has largely been out of print for decades, and will now play an integral role in MetaArcade's remastering of Tunnels & Trolls for digital platforms.

Rob Liano, Chief Marketing Officer of the Josh Kirby Estate, said “Josh was a wonderful and unique talent, and we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with MetaArcade to bring his distinctive work to life for new audiences on digital platforms.”